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Basmati and Non Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, grown in the green foothills of Himalayas, is very much known for its mesmerizing fragrance in the world. Fortunately our milling plant is situated in the particular region or we can also say that we are sitting in the basmati rice bowl of India. Our area is known for producing finest quality of basmati rice in the world. Haryana’s favorable soil and climate enables bulk production of long grain aromatic, pure and fragrant paddy, thus resulting magnificent quality basmati rice.

Looking at the rapid consumption of rice throughout the world, we bring to you best ever varieties of rice! Awesome in taste and quality level, there is no competition of our basmati rice. Pureness and entrancing fragrance, each every particle of rice addresses the truest meanings of freshness. Filled with all the natural nutrients, our all varieties rice has all the health values.

Our basmati rice and other kinds of rice are superior to others as they have been produced using most modern agriculture methodologies. Also, our rice has been resultant of perfect and modernist processing initiating with sowing to winnowing and others.

Being an efficient and dedicated rice producer, we believe in maintaining top class quality standard and fulfilling every local or overseas order to perfection. Our success can be measured from the repetitive and huge orders from oversea clients every now and then.

Moreover, we have been most loved brand name for basmati and non basmati rice. Used in loads of dishes in different cultures, we have been the primmest providers of world-class rice. We guarantee that once you taste our rice, you won’t find same high class and taste level in any other brand rice for sure! Get magnificent quality rice in choicest quality, quantity and rates exclusively at our place!

L-33 Satyam Pride LRM